Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a renewable future through the impactful procurement of energy.

Our established system equips you to confidently claim the energy you are using is matched with verified renewable sources. We do this by enabling the credible transfer of renewable energy production attributes.

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We have worked with BraveTrace for the last 3 years and have found them always to provide a great, quick, and efficient service. We have had a few interesting challenges and BraveTrace have always worked with us to help provide solutions to help our customers. The team are easy to talk to and always take the time to explain and help.

– Nicola Brady, Procurement and Sustainability Co-ordinator, Pioneer Energy

BraveTrace has been a game changer for our customers, enabling them to manage their Scope 2 emissions reporting while actively contributing to Meridian’s ambition of facilitating the decarbonisation of community groups across New Zealand.

– Lisa Hannifin, Chief Customer Officer, Meridian Energy

We thoroughly enjoy our collaboration with the team at BraveTrace. Their high level of professionalism and the ease of our interactions make them an excellent partner to work with.

– The team at MyImprint

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New Zealand’s general electricity network can’t tell you where your energy has come from. Our established certification system changes that.

As the country moves towards electrification, the amount of electricity we need increases, making it especially important to procure energy that supports renewable generation.

By purchasing New Zealand Energy Certificates (NZ-ECs), you can claim a portion of the renewable energy that has been fed into the electricity grid.

NZ-ECs are digital certificates that carry ‘attributes’ of generated electricity – such as what fuel is used, where the generation site is, and how many carbon emissions are generated to produce it.

These ‘attributes’ can then be redeemed against a consumer’s electricity usage, so that the consumer can report on their usage as if it was sourced directly from that generation site.

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NZ Windfarms are dedicated to advancing renewable energy developments.

They are reinvesting the income from NZ-ECs back into their renewables development pipeline.

A current focus is an exciting project to repower their Te Rere Hau wind farm, in partnership with Meridian Energy, and to pioneer the development of new greenfield wind farm sites.

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