What is renewable gas certification?

Using natural gas for heating and industrial use has been viewed as a lower-carbon alternative to other fossil fuels. But there is increasing interest in alternatives: using methane or hydrogen that has been produced renewably, or in a way that does not contribute to global warming.

To do so, buyers generally need to access these renewable fuels through existing distribution channels, such as gas pipelines. Alongside delivery of gas through pipelines, a buyer of renewable gas needs documentation to demonstrate that their purchase has been properly recorded and accounted for.

Renewable Gas Certification System

The diagram below explains how certification sits alongside physical delivery of gas, to enable the transaction between a buyer and seller of renewable or low-carbon gas.

​From 1 October 2022 renewable gas certification is available within the NZECS.

Registering for renewable gas certification

We hope that renewable gas certification can contribute to acceleration of production, through facilitation of additional support for development of renewable gas projects.

With the launch of renewable gas certification, we welcome interest from prospective producers, traders, or buyers of renewable gas, who may have an interest in selling or buying renewable gas certificates

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Assessment for renewable gas certification

Current method version: 1.0 (Nov 2022)

​The method document outlines the framework to verify and communicate the characteristics of renewable gas production in New Zealand, for the purposes of certificate issuance.

Version 1 was created and finalised in November 2022, after a public consultation period in August 2022.

This is the preliminary version, which is expected to be developed over time with a supporting technical guidance to be issued in due course.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the method.

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