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22 May 2024

Biogas certification nearing while other market opportunities open up

We are just months out from launching our biogas certificate which has been under development for almost three years.

Biogas certification and other new ventures are led by Tim Middlehurst who has moved to an Executive Directorship after being CEO for more than six years until December 2023, when Shaun Goldsbury took the position.

Middlehurst, who is overseeing the biogas certification launch explains that “the purpose of the certificate is to enable producers and consumers to credibly and verifiably claim ownership of the lower-emission renewable gas they are either producing or buying, often at a premium cost.

This clear transfer of ownership is important for the buyer to justify paying a higher price, as it allows them to claim the benefits of the purchase (such as a reduction in reportable emissions). A higher price is generally required to support the introduction of renewable gas production technologies.”

Certification can help to support a variety of commercial models, necessary to enable biogas production and upgrading. Flexibility will also be important here when looking to maximize the amount of renewable gas produced in New Zealand.

Beyond biogas, BraveTrace is also looking to take certification to more of the supply chain, such as transport and manufacturing.

Read more about BraveTrace’s biogas certification in this article by GasNZ