Resource type: System Users

NZECS Participants, Registrants and Energy Users


A Participant provides the following services to an Energy User:

  • Registers an Energy User in the NZECS Registry and administers an Energy User’s account
  • Negotiates with Registrants to purchase NZ-ECs on behalf of an Energy User
  • Receives NZ-ECs transferred from a Registrant on behalf of an Energy User
  • Redeems NZ-ECs against an Energy User’s energy consumption
  • Provides information to an Energy User on the redemption of NZ-ECs.


A Registrant provides the following services on its own behalf:

  • Registers one or more renewable Production Devices that it owns in the NZECS Registry
  • Issues NZ-ECs in the NZECS Registry as it generates from the Production Devices it has registered
  • Negotiates with Participants to sell NZ-ECs
  • Transfers NZ-ECs it has sold to Participants.

Energy User

An Energy User is an energy consumer that:

  • has been registered in the NZECS Registry by a Participant
  • has either purchased NZ-ECs or is interested in buying NZ-ECs.

A party may choose to register in the NZECS Registry for more than one of these roles. For example:

  • an Energy User may choose to register as a Participant and undertake its own NZECS administration and negotiate directly with Registrants to purchase NZ-ECs
  • a Registrant may also act as Participant and thereby enable the sale of the NZ-ECs it issues directly to an Energy User.