Highlights of a successful 23/24 Production Year

23 May 2024

This year has seen significant growth in the volume of New Zealand Energy Certificates (NZ-ECs) traded, with redeemed volumes up over 40% on the previous year. A massive thank you to everyone in our ever-expanding BraveTrace network for making this possible!

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News, Updates And Celebration: NZECS Highlights Of 2023!

21 Dec 2023

Certified Energy celebrates a year marked by strong activity and growth! During 2023, over 120 additional energy users registered on the NZECS. These energy users represent a diverse spectrum of enterprises, from small businesses to large corporates coming from a widespread array of industries, domestic and international.

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Certified Energy News: April/May 2022

9 May 2022

In this issue: We discuss the importance of voluntary ambition, the role of Power Purchase Agreements in supporting renewable energy, seek your feedback on the monthly Residual Supply Mix, announce increasing levels of participation on the NZECS, and outline the process we will follow to close out the 2021/22 Production Year.

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Certified Energy News: June/July 2021

10 Aug 2021

In this issue: The Residual Supply Mix for 2020/21 is published, draft rules for certifying renewable gas out now for comment, Toitū Envirocare recognises energy certificates, and we’ll be speaking at the next Energy Trader Forum.

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